Monday, September 7, 2009

view from my room

Here are a few favorite shots from my room now that I did some crafty decorating this 3-day weekend:

*handmade pillow by moi:

*I love it when it rains. <3 it will rain in my room each morning!:

*display of nerdicles:

*my partner in crime: my sewing machine, Kennie:

*a wonderful woodgrain headboard I painted this weekend. I feel like an autumn princess with an actual headboard. <3:

My dad cut a piece of foam core board out with the jigsaw, I painted it, attached a 3-dimensional monogram, and attached it to the wall. THe flowers are silk poppies from Hobby Lobby spray painted to be more muted and autumn-like.

*vintage luggage hanging out waiting to be styled. :] :

What's your home look like? Link me up!


kimi said...

OMG i love how the headboard turned out! it is so lovely!
my home is not lovely at all. very plain house, i am horrible with decorating.

carly. said...

wow!! that headboard is incredible! i want to try my hand at one...if i only had the time! i also lovelovelove that rainy door. you did some great crafting this weekend miss.

Jamie said...

Awesome!!! Loooove the headboard and the rainy day mobile!!! Soooo wonderful!!! You're so creative!!!

aninspiredpeace said...

WOW! That headboard is AWESOME! It totally inspires me to make something for above my bed! Great job!

Bekah said...

omg. amazing! You are making me want to get cracking on my room! :)

aninspiredpeace said...

:) I'm glad you like the bracelet I made - thanks for linking it! :)

I have some leftover tape measure so send me your address and I'll send some to you! :) My e-mail is

ashleyrwatts said...

Oh. Em. Gee girl...this looks FABULOUS! The headboard is incredible...I'm definitely inspired to work on my own room now!! :)

Jennifer said...

that wood grain is amazing!!
teach me your wayyyss!