Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Use somebody.

a few favorites that I've been dying to blog about. :] 2 days in a row people! I'm so impressed with myself. haha

+a cuuuuuute tape measure bracelet from Carrie

+oh-so-warm-and-fuzzy Welcome Autumn original painting by Janel I just might be getting a recreation of this... Eek!

+The new planner kit from RVA! Here's a tutorial: yesssss

Psssssst: I TOTALLY bought this online last night! oh how I can't wait for it to get here!

+This Skeleton cutie from Miss Flannigan:

I love her pigtails. I wish my hair was long enough for pigtails...

+thissss. Kara, you are my autumn twin. <3 Check out her new online class!

+Selena Gomez's new shortie haircut. (long for me, short for her)

If anyone has some Cuuuuute new ideas to style short hair, please TELL ME! I'm trying to let mine grow, but i need ideas while I'm waiting!

+This video: Paramore's acoustic cover of Kings of Leon's Use Somebody.
It's sugary sweet heaven. <3

+Sweetly colored plaid skirts. Mhmm. Found here

ok I'm outttiee. Got some homeworks to do. Meh. :[
I want a studio in the attic of a house where I can create all night long uninterrupted and listen to pretty inspiring musics and live my life. Yes indeed.

<3 E


Bekah said...

oh you. I finished stats homework. I'm about to blog! eek! :) two days in a row for the both of us! :) <3

oh.oh.oh. I think I should wear pigtails to work tomorrow. You talked me into it! tehe. :)


Miss Wanderlust said...

I emailed you with Flickr mail about the painting :)
I would love to be able to make you one!!

Kara said...

great post! we ARE autumn twins. :P

i loveyyy hayley hair color, i want.