Sunday, September 20, 2009


As promised! Back with more goodness. let's play this weekend over again. I think the weather is just putting me in the right mood to share. :]
This past weekend was a whirlwind, basically because it was WAY too short, but partly because I had so much to do! Cleaning, crafting, friends, parties, homework, other chores.... the list goes on and on.

Saturday started with thrifting! Here's the loot from my wonderful thriftiness:

pictured: fabric, pretty yarns, vintage luggage shoulder bag, porcelain unicorn, vintage needlepoint owl/squirrel, patterned plate, cuuuute owl, Navy blue vintage purse, vintage pocket watch pendant, cameo cocktail ring, vintage kitchen labels, Polaroid, awesome old ribbon. Not pictured: cardigans and skirts.
Probably my favorite find from the day was the vintage Lucerne pocket watch pendant. omg I love that thing! It doesn't even work, but...i love it. It gives me a very Alice in Wonderland feel ("I'm late! I'm late!") or a Wizard of Oz feel (The tin man's heart). Love it. But I'm also in love with the new vintage luggage shoulder bag and the unicorn. <3

Then I crafted with THIS WONDERFUL GIRL!

We didn't get a WHOLE lot done, but I was glad for some art time with a good friend. She's taking Elsie's Autumn is Love online class right now tooo!

Then a party at Tor's house, Burger King with Boyfriend Bear and rented movies.
Today I woke up (after sleeping in) ready to get things done. Things like cleaning my ridiculous excuse for a room. I decided to show you what my lovely friend Bekah sent me: HAPPY MAIL! Oh how I love happy mail, both send and receiving! She is WAY too sweet!

Here are some goofy photos I took with my new headband and sunglasses:

Annnnnd I've been listening to my Autumn Playlist today. It's been magical.
click for a closer look...

All the while, I've been working on getting my Planner Kit from RVA done too. it's surprisingly a lot of work! Here's some peeks at the work in progress even though I have a long way to go:

I cut out and hole punched all the supplies given in the kit and then I drew and scanned some weekly pages for the planner as well. :] I left some blank pages in the back for drawing. The best part has been adding little fun pages to it. Some different extras I'm going to include are a music wishlist page, pockets and envelopes for inspiration, a place for colored pencils, and some goals pages. I'll keep you posted!

This weekend after helping a friend learn to knit, i REALLY got in the mood to create some knitted goodness. I think I'm going to start on a line of coffee sleeves for the etsy shop.... and for MYSELF! haha I need something cute to put around my hot chocolate, yes? I've been browsing etsy for inspiration and it delivered as usual!

1. Good Morning
2. Java Monkey
3. Limeade
4. Dandy Delight-Cranberry
5. Chartreuse and Hearts
6. Swimming Seahorses
7. Eco Friendly Blondie
8. Robot Coffee
9. Wildwood Forest
10. Wood
11. Suki
12. recycled sweater

please check out some of these shops! They're all fantastic and reasonably priced! Get into fall mode. :]

And last but not least, a HUUUUUGE birthday shout out to my dear BEKAH! It's her B-day and I want her to know how much I heart her! <3333333

So have a good start to your week! Make it fantastic!
and I hope all of your boyfriends are cutting your PB&J into hearts too like mine does. :]



Miss Wanderlust said...

wow wow wow!! I love your post :) My favorite it the pics of you. You are sooooo stinkin cute! I also loooooove your planner!! so cute and so inspiring :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

What awesome finds at the thrift. I will be going this week and I can't wait to get there after seeing all the goodness you scored. ANother camera!!! that's where I hit first

I have my grandmothers necklace like that with the watch--she had it on everyday its priceless to me.
thanks for posting and giving me some inspiration

Beth Perry said...

And awesomely cool planner! Love it!

jenny said...

Thanks for featuring my coffee sleeve! I'm also working on my RVA planner. So fun!

welshgrl2 said...

I love this post! I totally want a heart shaped pbj now. : )

amy lapi said...

how cute is that sandwich? and i love those sleeves.