Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fancy meeting you here!

Well hey there!

just at work until midnight knitting away! I'll tell you--this season has put me into a SERIOUS knitting mood so far. I made this yesterday:

It's what I like to call a "coffee cardigan" hahaha. It's a work in progress. My knitting abilities are very limited shape-wise, but i DO know how to cable knit. My next project is some cable knit fingerless gloves for myself using these newly bought yarns:

Antique Teal

Burnt Pumpkin
Ohhhhh I'm so excited. Although it doesn't look like WEARING gloves are anywhere in my near future because it rained everywhere in the US today and it was like... 80 degrees here. haha

I've had some CA-UTE outfits the past few days but its rained/has been so gosh darn hot that I've had to shed the layers 1/2 way through the day. :[

Oh and here's some eye candy:
+Paint by Number wall quilt

+lovely chairs via mollymeg

+Buckle beanie

+Monday via papersparrow

+this beyond gorgeous neck warmer via maedchenmitherz.

I'm thinkinnggggg... an autumn giveaway soon? y/n?

I heart youuuu <3


Miss Wanderlust said...

again, I absolutely adore everything about this post. sooooo cute and lovely just like you!!
BTW- I have had one other person tell me that about google reader and it drives me nuts. I have no clue why it works for some and not for others :( BOO!

Anonymous said...

so so cute! I love that outfit and the coffee cozie. EEK! P.S. YOU.ARE.LOVELY. :)


PaperCameraScissor said...

Oh my goodness your outfit is so darn cute--I could not pull it off.
your thrift necklace looks so cool with the outfit.

With you blogging about your outfits makes me want to get out of my funk--lounge pants and tees. :)