Friday, August 7, 2009

sock monkies and comics

oh how there are things happening. :]

I'm being featured over at Scrapmojo right now! I love that they asked me to be their guest designer this month!

I was so thrilled and it was a ton of fun designing for them! Get on over there and check out their latest challenge using scraps you find around the house and SQUARES!!!!

ALso, apparently I had an item featured on the etsy front page the other day too and had NO idea. I wish I would have been able to get a screen shot, but I wasn't able to. One of my sweet readers let me know about it! Thank you! It was my Teepee Tray that got the lime light. Thank you etsy!

Still plugging away on my 22 Things to do Before 22 list. :] Here's the updated list:

1. Sew an actual garment here
2. Start Keri Smith's 100 journal ideas here
3. Make the Dean's list...again.
4. Take some couples photos with Ian
5. Get my driver's license
6. Participate in an art/craft fair
7. Read the Bell Jar
8. Take a guerilla art adventure
9. Order business cards
10. Make handmade Christmas gifts here and here
11. Have a tea party with my Nana here
12. See Breakfast @ Tiffany's
13. Take a road trip
14. Go to a Papyrus or Paper Source
15. Research letterpressing
16. Make a sock monkey here
17. Take an online class here
18. Look into magazine internships
19. Take part in a community service project
20. Mail in some layouts to magazines
21. Learn to do my makeup correctly
22. Teach a scrap class. [online or at my library]

yesterday I made a SOCK MONKEY!!!! Her name is Ruby and I gave her nerd glasses. <3

If you want to make your VERY OWN sock monkey, go here for this awesome tutorial!

Also took a few photoshoots this week! Here's a few from one with my sis:


Faves @ the mo:
+indie comics.
+The Flaming Lips.
+Skottie Young's art.
+Daniel Clowes.
+my new package SWAP PARTNER, Vanessa!
+cotton candy. Yum.
+this. yes, this.

A few more things for you all to check out:
+my dear Bekah's Back to Basics Scrap Webisodes. They're totes cute and helpful!
+giveaways on Oh, Hello Friend. they're wicked awesome.
+My Paper Collection Blog
+Found Magazine. different and cool!

love you all! back sooooon!


Anonymous said...

OMG. I had no idea road trip was on your list. I was so thinking this morning before reading part of this that we should totally road trip it to Springfield....k. i have to finish reading your blog entry...e-mail me. k thx bye.

Anonymous said...

okay, now that if finished reading it:

1. You are just too cute.
2. I totally want to make a sock monkey now.
3. Thank you for linking my new project.
4. You make me want to blog. New one today or tommorow.

That's all for now.

Don't worry. I'll think of something else soon. I always do. :]


ktgosseen said...

thats great! Im super happy!
i might just have to go over there and take a look;)

Amber Zimmerman said...

Love your sockmonkey. . .his glasses are rad! Congrats on the scrapmojo gd - that is awesome. Off to check it out. =)

Mallory Phillipy said...

mmm papyrus is my faaave! lately i've been super lazy, and buying my cards there instead of making them myself, but it's so easy because they are sooo yummy.