Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's that time of year

The county fair is here! yeah. I was so excited that we went to the fair. <333 The thing about Indiana is that the county fairs are awesome. We've got antique tractors on display, tractor pulls, demolition derbies, lots of livestock, hot dog eating contests, etc. I was able to take some photos of the fair itself and the fam just hanging out listening to the bands.

I've been seriously immersing myself in my drawing book every day which has been fantastic because I'm just collecting inspiration and ideas for future etsy lines. By the way, some of the stuff from my Neverland update is on sale in the Craftcake Designs shop!

My Nana gave me a real live tea party this weekend too and I about died and went to heaven. It's one of the things on my list of 22 Things to do before I'm 22! It was so magical actually. She really surprised me with wonderfulness and magic and the real live tea party of my dreams. Thanks Nana!

P.Ssssss. I signed up for the Lovely Package Exchange over at Oh Hello Friend and I TOTALLY think you all should sign up for it too! Please please please!

P.P.Ssss. Why can't I have a sweet little puppy like THIS!?

Alrighty, well a shout out to everyone that's having a brilliantly inspiring summer. Tell me what's inspiring you right now. I'm need something wonderful to fill my drawing book pages with. <3 you all!

Edit: This just in! My boyfriend bought me a present for no reason! He bought me a hand painted RVA keychain that I'm really excited about!

He's so sweeeet. <3 thank you babe!


Bree said...

Great photos girl.. you inspire me!

redoaklines said...

i love the fair! too bad there's none around here right now.

lastly, your pics are always so amazing! :)

off to check off the exchange thing.


geegee1971 said...

I would love anything from the hands of Miss Elsie!!! Lucky girl to have a good bf!!

I want a real tea party!