Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy blogspot, Batman

i seriously have been SO bad about blogging this summer. There's just not enough time in a day, I tell you!

ANYWAY. In the news of Elaine, not much has been going on.

1. I was recently a guest designer on Ad This challenge blog. It was so much fun!

2. Been doing some serious photoshooting and photoshopping lately!
some shots of my little sis over 4th of July weekend:

my very first senior portrait session!!!

also been drawing mostly.

see more pages here on my flickr!
been really loving my moleskine, seriously. I find no greater inspiration than just opening that book and scribbling the picture on my mind at that moment.

Things I'm loving right now in this moment:
Designer Jots

Watching others do something creative
my moleskine
strawberry daiquiri and sprite spritzers
my new purple low lights

panda bear things
back to school shopping
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (movie comparison to book was mediocre but i still loved it.)
Shooting in Black & White
being at home

Burger King apple pie
going to the movies with Ian
Veronique Vial

cataloging kit!
Anthro as always and THIS skirt

So I'm sorry I don't have more of a post for you after so long. I'm hoping once I get back to school and get back in the swing of things that I will have more compelling things to say. :]

Please go over and check out the newest challenge using coffee filters over at Scrap Outside the Box! The girls constantly engage me and inspire me every day. They'll inspire you too. :]

gimme a shout if you're out there and still love me even though I'm a bad blogger. lol
I misssss you all!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Hey girlie! Love your links, and the pic of your sis with the daisies is my fave!! I have been a bad blogger too. With IN weather you've gotta take advantage of the warm sunny days when you have them, ya know? ;-) Hope you have a fab weekend!

Heather said...

Hey you. I haven't commented in FOREVER!! So, I thought I'd say hi. I hope you're having a really great summer! Enjoy it :)