Friday, July 24, 2009


Would you rather see an etsy update centered around:

a) animal inspiration
b) science/computer nerd inspiration
c) childhood inspiration

please please please comment and let me know! I would LOVE to have your input on what you would like to see in the shop coming soon! I'm starting a few top secret etsy projects and need to know what you think! I would TOTALLY appreciate any input you can give me. Starting in August-September, Craftcake Designs is going to be in full swing! I'm going to be doing a lot more promotional things, many many more updates and cute new accessories and other products that will make your heart skip a beat. :] I'm also contemplating teaching an online class too so let me know if you might be interested!

As for the current state of my etsy shop, I did a little miniature update of some vintage goods tonight! take a look:

Rock Collection pin:

Neverland inspired salt & pepper shakers:

oversized toadstool teacup: *my fave*

I'm so proud of myself for posting again! hahaha <3 you all! please leave your comments!!!