Wednesday, May 27, 2009

week in recap

Guess what Mom found for me at a garage sale this week..... a TLR!!! omg dream come true. I've been trying out the world of ttv and boy oh boy am I loving it. <3 Meet my new BFF Jillian:

Also i decided to just cram my entire summer so far into a grid. lol you love?:

So what have I been up to? Working on a freakin SWEET etsy update coming this week! Check back here in a few days and see all the fun stuffness I've been up to! Get this: Craftcake Designs readers will be getting a DISCOUNT on anything in the shop with a special promo code I will be giving you all. Check back! <3

I've also been playing with THIS FUN STUFF! lots and lots and lots.

I got a book, tools, pasta machine, and sculpey set a few years ago but hadn't played with it a ton until this week. I'm TOTES excited. SO excited that I bought TONS of new colors and I'm ready to rock and roll tomorrow. :] I'll have some polymer clay charms in the shop update too! you're gonna love it.

Things inspiring me right now:
*this photo from Abbytryagain

*Elise Blaha's newly taped inspiration wall

*This dress from Wear Palettes

*Elsie's new studio organization. Rocking my world.

*Happy Tape!!! Which I ordered today! oh please come soon!

*polymer clay necklaces by Els

*these purses found on Modish. Mother may I?

*tag mini book on oh, hello friend.

sooooo tomorrow I want to get up, run to Muncie to pay some bills, then get back to create create and take photos.
i heart you all. love*loves.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elaine,
I have missed your posts like oh so much! Like you have no clue! I can't wait for your update! :] I miss your face. The end. K thanks bye.

<3 B