Monday, May 18, 2009

where have you been all my life!?

i'm so sorry. you all are going to forget all about me by the time this summer is over. :[ i have no internet at home. *sadness*
I've been very busy since school's let out:

*spending time with boyfriend bear. <3
*my best friend's wedding. seriously. I planned her reception and it was gorgeous. *pics to come soon.*
*helping Mom around the house.
*trying to get a kick start on exercising at home.
*trying not to spend too much money.
*thrifting. (omg i got some of the cutest shoes today. must take pictures tomorrow.)
*getting cute. :]]]

Check out the newest challenge over at Scrap Outside the Box which is toilet paper! Not just for the tushie!!! Win a freaking HUGE and AWESOMEEEE prize pack from the Jelly Bean Joint! Here's my take! I used the TP as a ruffle on top!

sooooo I got an asymmetrical pixie cut with peek-a-boo low lights today that i LOVEEEE:

I got it done at the Beauty Academy in Ian's town and it was a LONG process. It took 3 hours for a cut and color, but totally worth it. :]

Currently inspired by:
*Disney's Up
*Wii Fit
*patio tables and umbrellas
*mango color
*zoo animals
*Elise Blaha's summer kits
*knitting still (it's coming along!!!)
*salt & pepper shakers
*wedding receptions
*pug puppiesssssss
*hot air balloons
*cake slices
*vintage sailor dresses
*Wear Palettes

here's some other summer inspiration pics i love:

and i really really really want this:

the rest of this week I'm planning on doing a lot of painting, photo-taking, photo-uploading, planning, and time-spending. I'm sorry for my absence. I'm really going to try and remedy that from now on. <3

Holla if you missed me! :]


Mollie said...

I'm hollaring cuz I missed ya! lol Lovin the challenge with TP! :) and I've also been obsessed with pug puppies lately as weel :)

Anonymous said...

I missed you! MHM!!!!!! I miss your texts too....just saying. ;]

Anonymous said...

I totally heart you!