Saturday, May 30, 2009

second star to the right**

I FINALLY updated my my etsy shop!!! Craftcake Designs has lots and lots of new goodies up to feast your eyes on now and I'm totally exciting to present my Neverland line!!!

I'm now offering custom orders for my knitted bows and bow bands. You can choose from the colors I have shown in the custom listing! ANd here's the REAL special thing....

I'm offering a 20% discount to any of my blog readers that enter the promo code!

The promotional code is this:

pixie dust

Just type that word in the "notes to seller" section at checkout and I will refund your paypal account the 20%! THis is just something I wanted to do for my faithful blog readers! <3 so please please check it out and get your 20% summertime discount!!! :]

I also thought i'd pop in with some things that are inspiring me lately! I haven't really made anything of huge consequence lately, but this is what I can do for you:
erase and repeat




just me, jeremyk123-



lovely lovely lovely.
it was good talkin to you all. <3

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Amber Zimmerman said...

Hey girl! First of all. . .LOVE the neverland line! Just got the little man a "Peter Pan" costume for Halloween at a garage sale. =) I love those bows too. . just not sure if I could pull it off. . .hmmmm. Maybe I'll get brave. ;-) Have a super weekend!