Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Appologies and RAK winner!

oh wow, darlings. :[ it's been a LONG time since I blogged! I feel horrid. BAH. Spring Break happened, then crazy college reality life. haha

Spring Break was fantastic. Lots of self-pampering including a new haircut/color:

I really really love it. I can do SOO many things with it TOO! I love a good edgy haircut. I'm open to almost anything. :]

I also went to a Creative Memories scrap retreat with my sister on break too which was SO cool. I go every year and this year was no exception.

I didn't get a TON done, but i got my December Daily FINISHED, 4 12x12 layouts, and almost got my mini journal project done that I got from Miss Holly back in October! Sadly...I'm super scatterbrained and did NOT take pics of my 12x12s before i left home but i will get those as SOON as i can.

*Check THIS out as soon as you can! Right now Creative Memories is supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation by selling Make-a-Wish products and donating some of the proceeds. I bought the Wishes and Dreams Kit at the retreat and am LOVING it. SO inspirational AND I'm helping an excellent cause. :]

I also went shopping and bought a TON of cute stuff including:
THESE. o.m.g.

I think they really resemble a low-budget version of the Coach shoes I was wanting because mine have little "n's" all over them. lol

As far as art goes, I made the CATWALK today! Go Check it out!

Also, I've been making progress on my future art career. This week I started a "Design Inspiration Notebook" that is going to contain ideas for a future store, product ideas, decor, patterns and colors that i LOVE, and more. I bought this:

to contain everything that i compile. It's full of fun pockets and folders and sleeves. Mmmm i love inspiration.

I made a layout for the Style Star Contest for SIS but I think they asked that it remain only in the contest folder while its going on. lol

Everyone should TOTES check out Challenge #3 at Scrap Outside the Box for some AWESOME inspo and fun fun fun! This time around, Craftcake Designs is sponsoring, so show us what you got and maybe win an awesome prize pack from yours truly! Here's my take on the rubber band challenge:

It's an Alice in Wonderland theme inspired by Maggie Taylor's Almost Alice series. I recently went to an art museum to see this traveling exhibit and I was DAZZLED! Her work is like...paint meets digital collage on large scale and i adore it. :]

Speaking of art, I recently won THIS awesome print from how 2 draw a cup of coffee and i love love love it! Thank you!!! She's doing a series of fun giveaways so get on over there and try for it! Her work is amazing!

and LAST but not least, the winner of my little FASHION RAK from last time! (it seems so long ago! AHhh!)
So here goes! The winner of my little fashion RAK isssssss:

Jennifer said...

Your blog is so cute! I found a pattern for a bow that is similar to the blue one that I want to try to knit.

So Jennifer, please email me your address at keread[at]bsu.edu and i will get your prize out to you! You will be receiving some of these LOVELY handmade hair bows I made over break:

I'm loving them and I'm thrilled that I can share them! Some of these bows will also be up in my etsy shop soonish too, so if you didn't win, go SNAG some!

Alright, this was long and overdue to boot, so i'll blog again soon. I PROMISE this time. *hand over Bible.* haha
But fiiiirst look at my cute little boyfriend. te hee hee


ashleyrwatts said...

Love the cut...looks good!
And haha, love the twilight shirt you're rockin' (coughcoughihavethesameonecoughcough) :P

sami jo. said...

Hey girl hey.
I totally saw the Maggie Taylor exhibit in the art museum, and i loooooved it.

Jennifer said...

YAY! I'm so excited I won! Thanks I'll go email you.

TaMs* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. ...I think we might have matching hair color...
cute cute**

euphoria said...

love your blog and style! Your hair is totally cute!

Anonymous said...

oh girl! Congrats on making the catwalk! You deserve it with your beautiful work... MMMMM....

I <3 your hair if I haven't already told you, and I am soooo excited for the 10th. The end. :]

<3 B

ally serrato said...

i loved your rubber band layout ~ ps ~ dont be madddd,, im 99.8 % sure im gonna get a *create* tattoo,,,,, you so inspire meeeeee!!! {are you mad????}