Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashionista*and RAK

Alright. I don't know how many of you would consider yourselves an expert on fashion. Iiiii am not one of those people, but i consider myself an expert on MY PERSONAL style. Some things were said about my sense of style this week and I just wanted to share it a little with you. :] Also...maybe give you a few tips on how to develop your own personal style of your own. yey!

1. don't be afraid of color. One of my favorite things to do is to grab Old Navy Perfect Fit Tees in every color I can get. They're wardrobe basics and feel wonderful and as most Old Navy things are, they're really high quality.

Old Navy also has some ribbed tanks that are affordable and awesome as well. (you'll find that my 3 fave places of all time to shop are Old Navy, the Gap, and Target. haha)
One great thing you can do is just snag some perfect fit tees, tanks, polos and cardigans and just mix and match! It's so easy knowing that you have a closet full of colors to play with every day almost like a blank slate. :] Here's some awesome cardigans that i really love. Love the big buttons too.

2. be yourself. Figure out what it is that you really really like and then DO it! I find lots of fun ideas at Wardrobe Re-Mix on flickr. 2 words: love. it.

I've been thinking about actually uploading some stuff for awhile now, but i just haven't made it that far yet. haha

3. don't others dictate your fashion sense. I don't care WHO says WHAT about your outfits. Just let it roll off because chances are, they're not as cute as you. hahaha That's my philosophy. There's really no RIGHT or WRONG to the way you dress, so why let someone else make you question it?

4. wear what you want to wear. Sometimes the clashing is the best part! If you see 2 things that don't really fit the "matching" scheme...just do it anyway. I mean...complimentary colors are good things to keep in mind, but stopping there would be silly when there are SO many new combinations of clothes out there to try! Who knows, maybe something will look stellar.
Check out THIS amaazzzing look! I about died because i loved it so much. It's like nerdy meets prom which is to die for. :]

5. Get inspired by designer, but shop budget. Find something you love and then thrift or shop at Target and try to mimic it.
Here are some super cute peep toes that i just adore. I'm currently searching for a pair of budget home-girl priced ones. haha

They have prrrreetttty purses here at Manos.

6. try mixing large prints with small scale prints. It's never a good idea to overpower a large print with something equally as large. Mixing patterns is perfectly FINE as long as they're not competing for attention. If you have an article on that's making a huge statement, it might not be a good idea to overpower it with something else.
Check out this super SA-WEET Audrey Hoodie! want want want.

7. Please please please accessorize!!!

Some of my favorite things to use are long beaded necklaces or pendants, fun glasses, and big hair bows. Here is one of my favorite Etsy Shops: Westergard Jewelry. There are lots of really inexpensive pieces that are fun and have that vintage look.
Anthropologie has TONS of cute hair accessories for springtime right now! I fell in mad love. <3

Most of the time, I go for the more kitschy look, though. Bows, bracelets, charms, etc. I almost never leave the house without some sort of headband on my head.
Check SeamSewSwell for really really adorable cloth bows. Bekah showed me that one and i fell in LOVE. :]

More bowsss:

8. THRIFT! Probs the best advice i can give you! The decades that aren't OUR decades are the besties. SO. COOL. I'm an old soul and i love to go thrifting and find something totes cute to wear. OR. Grab something off the rack that maybe doesn't fit, cut it up, and make something NEW! Grab some really interesting pieces to spice up your wardrobe. If there aren't any thrift stores near you, Google it or go here Bleubird Vintage is FAN-freakin-TASTIC and if nothing else, gets you tons of inspo.

9. If you're still unsure, look to your fave fashionista and follow suit. I get lots of inspiration from none other than Miss Elsie Flannigan. I think we can all agree at her loveliness. <3

Here's one final random list of awesome sites and shops for wardrobe awesomeness:
*Madame Cupcake for purses and clutches.
*Grey Owl for magical headbands.
*Madebyhank for more purses and clutches.
*Michelle's Charm World for fun kitschy necklaces and charms.
*Flower for Your Ears for springtime accessories.
*KIMONO'S for knitted and fleece products.
*Red Velvet Art is new and COLORFUL! They finally got their website back up and running too! I love almost EVERYTHING that those girls put out there. :]
*We Heart It will assist you with pages and pages and pages of ideas.
*I like Polyvore for just...compiling and sifting and creating. <3

Final list of wardrobe items I can't live without:
>long necklaces
>Chanel earrings
>Tiffany's jewelry
>Old Navy perfect fit tees
>dark wash jeans
>ballet flats
>big bows
>stretch headbands
>pashminas and thin scarves
>big and slouchy bags
>tunic length henleys
>polos with ruffle sleeves
>VS PINK line panties
>bermudas (in summer)
>oversized sunglasses
>bright cardigans

I hope this gave you a better sense about what I think is GORGEOUS and maybe gave you some ideas about things you might want to try! Step outside your fashion bubble!!!

So...what's YOUR style? I want to hear all about it! Comment about what YOUR style is, maybe post a link or something or describe it in detail and I think i'll pick a winner after my Spring Break to win some sort of fashion RAK that has yet to be decided. :]

***please note: I won't be posting again until AFTER my Spring Break is over which ends March 16th I think. I hope everyone has an EXCELLENT next week without me! :]


Bekah said...

FYI I'm very sad that you are leaving me for a whole week...

Oh, and I now have a lot of tabs to check out on my computerscreen because of all of your links. Much to my dismay, I have to leave for work in 10 minutes and have to do my hair....LAME.


<3 B

happiegrrrl said...

I think you should be aware - there is a text window that popped up when clicking to your blog. It requested my Twitter Username/Password.

It looks like someone may have gotten some sort of hack to your site, to me. Not sure if it's happening to others who click to your site, but it's not happened on my end with any other sites, and I retried your page several times, and got the same text box.

I could simply click it closed, and your site seemed normal, but I have to say - it makes me back away from delving into your nice links!

I'm not versed in this stuff, but wanted to let you know, in case you weren't aware.

If you need more info you can reach me through the shop under Talisman Studios.

Hope this isn't a big problem for you!

Your site looks nice, by the way.

Jennifer said...

Your blog is so cute! I found a pattern for a bow that is similar to the blue one that I want to try to knit.

kimi said...

I love your list and love that you shop at old navy. i love their ribbed tanks and perfect tees! they are an essential!! thanks for being ultra inspiring!

Babydoll said...

Hi! Just stopping by to say hello. You were linked on The Everyday Scrapper blog and I thought I'd stop by to check you out. I love the fashion advice and cute shoes!!

Bekah said...

okay, so I officially have time to post about my style...this week has been absolutely crazy, let me just say...

My style has two distinct sections...there's blah and oh. ;] At work, my boss severely dictates fashion. I have button ups and sweaters and they are mostly all one color. As I work 5 sometimes 6 days a week, the other days are mostly spent in t-shirts and jeans.

Outside of work, I love bright colors and whimsical, flowy things. I am digging vintage right now. However, I am in the process of losing poundage I gained after coming home with my parents. So I don't want to invest in clothes that aren't going to fit months from now. :]

I absolutely love cardigans and funky handbags. I love animal prints and fun spring dresses that I can twirl in. I love retro accessories. MMMMMM....
That's it for now. I'll post more about this as I re-discover my style. :]


hollysarah said...

I pretty much TOTALLY agree with you on all your wardrobe necessities. I love VS Pink undies toooo! They don't sell them in Canada, so I drive to North Dakota to get them, lol. :)