Sunday, December 7, 2008


"Hey there. Was your weekend nice?"
"Why yes, thank you so much for asking!"

lots to share! Gotta make it quick though because Ian bought a new video game and we're having a tournament of sorts tonight. lol. i love college.

#1. The new TAIF prompt is up and I'm in love with it! It just so happens that little Miss Elsie Flannigan is guesting this week which is wicked sweet! The challenge this week is sequins! I love love love this! They've had some awesome ones lately for sure!
This is what Elsie did for the challenge:

and this is my take on it:

I enjoyed this SO much! The great thing about this was that I made this for a Creative Project assignment for my Honors Colloquium AND I got to use it for the challenge! Double bonus! hahaha

#2. Went thrifting Saturday. *i know, i know* haha. Scored some awesome stuff at Goodwill's 1/2 price day! :] a few finds include: a brand new black EsteƩ Lauder bag, brand new Clinique makeup bag, a vintage hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland with the original drawings, several other books, a Scattegories game, and these awesome nerd glasses that i adore now:

I'm like 99% sure that when I get glasses in a few weeks, I'm getting some frames VERY similar to these. I want them a tad smaller, but other than that, pretty much the same. I'm loving the nerdy look. Mmm. I might be getting contacts too. Never had 'em but I'm excited!

#3. Still trudging along on Paper Adventure:08. It's comin along. Not fast I might add. This is what came of Operation 44:Pretend (assigned FOREVER AND A DAY ago):

(My Mind's Eye single sheet paper, Chatterbox nature kit paper, Queen & Co. felt flower trim, staples, silver sequins, stitched by sewing machine, photo, Amy Butler flocked stickers by K & Company, Making Memories journaling sticker, Stayz-On in k in black, black dye ink, clear stamps by Autumn Leaves, date stamp, Sharpie bold tip, Sharpie fine tip)

#4. I made a new camera strap cover for my lovely SLR. Mmmm. Heidi Grace fabric, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. :] This was a fun very QUICK project that entertained me on Friday night while watching Merry Christmas Drake and Josh (haha) on the Disney Channel. Lovely evening.

I just love it because its not so black any more. hahahaha. What do you think about me putting some up in my etsy shop?

#5. Received and listen to Fall Out Boy's new album Follie a Deux and it was UH. MAY. ZING. I was thrilled that it was so good because after bands get away from what they do best and get away from their sound, it starts to not be the same anymore. But I must say that Fall Out Boy has done an EXCELLENT job of staying true to themselves. Awesome album. :]

#6. Greg got me the score to the Nutcracker for my laptop and I'm *loving* it!

#7. Went Christmas shopping today. Got a few things for my sister (can't say what they are in case she's reading. hehe) I also went to VS and Charlotte Russe. Lots of fun stuff there. I got some hair accessories and leg warmers for myself. My friend Andy is going to *TRY* and knit me some purple leg warmers for Christmas which I'm really excited about. I saw some @ Charlotte Russe today that are pink and grey striped. They have buttons on the side and were only like $6 so I bought them. They are so freakin cute, but....I have a feeling Andy's are going to be better. lol Let's see... we also had some Auntie Anne's pretzels while we were out and they were *amazing!* Mmmmm.

#8.I made a few Christmas cards on Friday while I was at work. They're very very simple but i love them. :] and i must say that I love woodgrain contact paper. Can I make a dress out of it please? haha.

#9. and for some eye candy not to mention holiday ideas: here's some awesome gift wrapping ideas that i just fell in love with! Especially the ones with the pom poms because I'm really into pom poms right now. :]

Check out Heather's lovely blog for more ideas and some links! She finds the greatest stuff! Oh its just all so lovely! I went to Target today and they have some of THE cutest Christmas ornaments too. omg SO cute.

and i couldn't help but think that some of them would look gorgeous tied onto gifts!

Alrighty peeps. I've missed thee this weekend! I hope this week is going to be an excellent week for all! Kisses!

P.s. I have to tell you a secret. I'm ashamed. I've fallen behind on my December Daily. :[ its upsetting. I think I have this thing with things i HAVE to do. SInce its an everyday thing, I always feel like I don't want to do it. ANy suggestions on ways to make doing it less of a...chore. I hate saying that, but I'm just not feeling it for some reason. :[ HELP!


Miss Natz said...

Yay sequins, so simple yet so effective!

Also loooove the camera strap cover, the material is so cute! If only I had a posh DSLR then I'd get one...

susan opel said...

I love reading your blog - it is so happy! And I am sure that Andy's leg warmers will be awesome!

life_love_art said...

I love, love, your blog. I wish I could do HALF the things that you can!
And your Christmas cards are absolutely adorable. :0)

Faye said...

Yep I know what you mean about the Dec daily. I've been doing ok but this past Monday all that happened was that I went to a funeral. However, Ali says to document some days just how you feel, so that day is going to be sad. Today we are getting our christmas tree so that's going to be a GREAT day.
BTW I am a first time reader of your blog. Have to say I enjoyed every minute.

Bekah said...

hey love! I'm soooo excited about these books too! I'm whipping through them quickly. I started the first one Saturday, and I am almost to page 300 of the third one. haha.

Water for Elephants is pretty good. It doesn't quite compare to the twilight series, so I have a harder time staying focused enough to read it. I can only read it one chapter at a time. It can move slow, and there are some parts I would have left out of the book, but it really is a good read. :]

Let me know what you think of Across the Universe. :]

Rose said...

Very cute christmas cards :) Maybe if you were feeling stuck on your december daily you could just write a few notes down about that day and then return to it later in the week? Go you and your paper adventure!