Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Face lift*

It's interesting the things that can happen in the course of one day. This morning I was overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated. As the day went on, it got better. I got some things done, weights were lifted, and now I'm motivated to finish the semester on a positive note. Let's just see if this mood holds up. hahaha.

I haven't had much time to craft anything lately. Honestly, I went to Florida, came back, and started in on overdue homework, so all I've really done is sketch jorunaling, but at least I have that to show you all! Some of these are sketches from prompts for Elsie's class, some are just thoughts I've had.

this one is actually one that my boyfriend, Ian drew for me on the car ride down to Florida and I fell in love with it. That's true love. A guy that will draw me something that sweet. He put a lot of thought into it and I think its adorable. :]

I also haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought I would take some time and snap this photo. I got a new handbag on Saturday and I wanted to celebrate. haha. I'm in love with it by the way.

List of things in my lovely handbag these days:
-For Love 21 wallet
-college ID case and keys
-cell phone
-mermaid journal for inspiration and ideas
-ink pen
-Eclipse gum
-Halls Fruit Breezers cough drops
-Dramamine (just got back from 15 hour road trips haha)
-Vasaline for lips
-Cover Girl wetslicks Raspberry lip gloss
-pocket pack of Kleenex
-a few bobbi pins
-Subway mint
-hair clip
-pomegranate lotion

oh and BY THE WAY! I got my Woodland Journal from Holly today! I was SO pumped about it, you don't even know. I can't wait to start writing in it and stapling and painting and pasting and....Mmmm.
I already added a few pages and embellies to it and its just so darn amazing! Thank you Holly for the awesome RAK!

Speaking of which, Holly has been doing a new artist each day that she loves and she has really opened my eyes to different artists that I'm sure are going to be ones that I admire for awhile. A few that I ADORE in particular are:
Mandy Sutcliffe
Kurt Halsey
Mmmm they warm my heart and i LOOOVE them. If anyone needs some Christmas gift ideas for me, *hint hint* Mandy Sutcliffe's etsy. hahahaha

Well to end, a few favorites as of late. I haven't updated my favies in awhile, so I thought I would. :]
*Dolce and Gabbana.Mmmm. I'm always in love.
*Ian's hot cocoa. Mmmmm. i love it. Tankie, Ian. :]
*Kellog's Rice Krispie Treats
*Teen Vogue
*Robert Pattinson. omg drooling. I love him so much! I think I stand a chance.... HA
*Product Red.I bought the book Be Inspi(red) and it changed me.
*Photoshop. Oh how I love thee
*Blackberry. I want one SOOOO bad its not even funny.
*wood grain contact paper
*Kitschy Digitals.So fresh and hip and perfect!
*fashion. seriously like I want everything fashion. Clothes and bags please.

ALso, I'm pretty excited because my dorm room is being photographed for the Housing Website for my university tomorrow. My hall director saw inside my creative space and wanted it to be featured on the website for incoming freshmen! I'm excited for it to be featured!!! My art will look GREAT on the website I think and maybe make the dorms look not so bad! :]

Alrighty, I'm outie. Have a good day tomorrow and stay motivated!
P.S. I re-designed the blog. You like? I worked hard on it and I think I'm in love with the new face lift. :]

is it just me or does having this blue background seem like it gives all my photos a blue tinge to them? ...maybe my whiet balance was just off when I took them. idk.


Lindsay Duranceau said...

Love the blog banner and little graphics! Great job! The sketches are great...your boyfriend's sketch is adorable!


Bree said...

congrats on your room photos....

Love your new journal entries.....

And that woodland book is sweet!