Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i want a white Christmas tree. for real.

I've come to realize that it really is the little things in my day that get me through it.

*seeing comments on my blogs or flickr or SIS
*getting to choose wether or not I want sprinkles on my ice cream cone
*new gloves
*coming home to a clean room and lit Christmas tree
*class being cancelled
*my TV shows
*making something cute
*Ian's little comments
*new backgrounds for my computer
*talking in Spanish to myself on the way to class
*macaroni and cheese
*browsing for inspo on the internet

It's just comforting knowing that I can find joy in so little. :]

On another note, I started my December Daily inspired by Ali Edwards! I'm really loving it so far! I got a rough start because yesterday was a little hectic (living the college life, you know. With papers and obligations and a job. lol) but its really coming together!
December 1:

(magazine page, receipts, DCWV textured cardstock, Sharpie fine tip, random paper scraps, Colorbök metal asterisk embellishments, Wal-Mart brand Christmas craft ribbon, staples, paper doily, remarks sticker number by American Crafts)

December 2:

(sketch paper, random paper scraps, paper Christmas garland, Fiskars sticker number, Sharpie fine tip, Sharpie bold tip, woodgrain contact paper)

This is our little Christmas tree in our dorm room. I love it! That bow on top is one that my Aunt arranged for me. It's pure lovely. Our tree is so wintery and sparkly and perfect!

In addition, after getting my position paper done today [FI-NA-LLY], I was able to do a project from Elsie's online class! {it's so wonderful by the way--totally worth it}
Without further ado, I present to you my ADORABLE kitschy garland! I loved this project because it was just so little kid and youthful and I could just sit down with craft supplies and go to town! Plus it gives my desk some adorable pizazz. :]

Plus look at THIS! This
I found this awesome inspiring wallpaper here! There are all varieties of lovely patterns and I just loved browsing through them all truthfully!

The displays at Anthro right now are gorgeous as ever.

I mean, were you surprised? You can see more here at Rachel's blog. She had some really good shots. I'm in love with Anthro displays, but who isn't? lol

This is how my obsession with white Christmas trees began:

with Miss Rachel. Her house, her style, her everything just radiates sunshine. I looooove her tree. I saw a white tree at the Salvation army in Florida but I had no way to haul it back to Indiana. haha

To end, here's just some random inspiration for you guys. I thought all of these were lovely:

More soon!
I'm trying to blog every day so we'll see what happens!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Jamie said...

Love all the eye candy in your blog! Very inspiring! Love your garland! So cute! And your list is fabulous! I love happy lists. :)