Monday, May 13, 2013

Blogger Burnout

I need a serious blogger re-boot.
I need digital revitalization.
I need help developing content.
I need more hours in a day to get everything done.
I need the people out there that ARE reading to identify themselves because I feel like I'm talking to no one.
I need to rewind the last month & stop sulking about not blogging and just do it.
I need so many things.

But right now I think
I just need to start fresh.



Jessica Steele said...

I absolutely feel your pain. I have not really posted since before my wedding, and it is hard to get back into the rhythm of things. I debated about deleting my blog but decided heck with it, I am going to start blogging about what I want when I want and that way I will not be stuck to a schedule that will get me burnt out again.

Charlie said...

You are not alone! I feel a lot of these same things... especially the needing help developing content. Sometimes I wish the blog world immediately paired you with a creative partner to bounce ideas off of. Hope you can shake it off soon!

Hannah said...

Hi Elaine, I read your blog frequently and enjoy the content, I hope you can get super creative again soon :)

Megan Anderson said...

I'm reading! Love what you do, just keep on being yo' self.

Ashley C said...

I'm here reading too! I check everyday for an update... Just in case! :]