Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3rd Annual Gift Wrapping Party

Dear other bloggers, has anyone ever experienced internet issues that prevented you from blogging for awhile? Our internet at home has been mostly down and otherwise patchy & unreliable for 2 weeks. I haven't been able to get a solid post up since the Blog Party which is trés frustrating! I've been sneaking wireless access at work to post a few Facebook statuses and Instagrams, but otherwise, I've been MIA. Not even Pinterest in almost 14 days. YIKES. Well I've found a (probably) brief window of opportunity in strong signal, so I'm here to report that I'm not dead! ;) This post was supposed to go up over a week ago, so here we go!

Every year before Christmas, Ian and I set aside one night for Christmas movies, hot chocolate, and a full night of wrapping pretty gifts for our friends and family. To be clear, I'm rubbish at wrapping gifts, so Ian wraps and I decorate/embellish! ;)

These pictures are complete crap to be honest, but I really wanted to share all the pretty supplies we used to wrap(above). This year we went with a mixture of kraft, gold with silver glitter polka dots, and brights. I was pleased with the assortment of combinations that we turned out.
Love those metallic peppermint gift tags I got.
For gift tags, I actually used some gridded 3x5 cards from my Project Life kit! I have tons of them, so I put them to use by stamping the person's name on the bottom & hole punching them. I like the effect.
Everything looks so beautiful now with packages under the tree! (Except that the lights on the top half of our tree have burnt out for the FOURTH TIME this year. Different strand of lights each time, but that's another story.)
There's nothing more magical than all that mystery wrapped up ready to bring happiness to someone! All to celebrate Christ's birth!!!

In other news, because of the internet shortage, I haven't been able to post the winners of the Blog Party giveaways! So without further ado, I give you the lucky ladies:

Tags and Gift Bags from the Pretty & Lucky Etsy shop: Janel!

Mini Pillow from Arrow & Ink: Ash!

Congratulations, ladies! Your goodies will be on their way to your door promptly!

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