Sunday, October 7, 2012

Volume 1

As I've been cleaning out my computer and transferring old photos over to my external hard drive, I've realized how very many INSTAGRAM photos I have and I needed a way to document them! I used the new Pictogram style photo book from Shutterfly to create Vol. 1 of the Davis Instagram Collection!

This review, my friends, is a rave! I got our photo book in the mail last week and I LOVE it! I must have looked through it 100 times since we got it.

The quality is amazing and the resolution of the images is great! I got the 8x8 hardback with glossy pages-- great choice.

I went really simple with this photo book. I took my best-of-the-best Instagrams from the pst birthday year (since Oct. 31 2011) and arranged them by theme. I started to go straight chronological, but I thought it would be better to group them by event/activity.

For text, I kept it really simple with easy captions about each photo basically describing the photo and where/why it was taken.

The photo book designer allows you to choose a style and then customize all the layouts, backgrounds and embellishments.

I just wanted to share the way the book turned out and encourage everyone to check them out! They're super affordable, incredible quality, and totally worth it! I'm so excited to collect enough photos to get volume 2 made. I love that someday we're going to have a little library of our real life in photos: unedited and amazing. :)

<3 E **Note: I wanted to clarify that I'm not being paid to write this review, I got this photo book from on my own and loved it! (plus I obviously intend to get many more!

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Michelle said...

I love this idea! The book looks fabulous! =D