Saturday, September 29, 2012

October Goals

September is wrapping up and I'm fixin' to flip my calendar a day early to get a jump on October, so I'm here to follow up on my September Goals List and share my new set of aspirations for October! So let's recap:


1.haul out the fall decorations and put them up
2.make cupcakes for my neighbors
3.create at least one craft from my Pinterest
4.Read 1 book
5.Do something fun with Lacey
6.send Happy Mail to a friend
7.keep up with Project Life
8.unpack the last few remaining moving boxes
9.have Tori over to see our apartment
10.go to the Indian Festival with Ian
11.take more day-to-day photos
12.start on handmade Christmas gifts
13.have a real date with Ian

NOT TOO BAD! I'm SO proud of myself! I checked on my list every week to see what I could cross off and then made it happen! I only missed 2 things: do something fun with Lacey and start on handmade Christmas gifts. I'm OK with that because look at all the other things I've accomplished this month! I'll be sharing photos of some of my recent projects and such next month so watch for those. NOW. We move on to bigger and better things:

1. Take a day trip to Stoneycreek Farms with Ian
2. Get the storage unit ORGANIZED!
3. Read 1 book
4. Create at least 1 craft from my Pinterest
5. Get pumped about building our savings account
6. Publish at least 15 blog posts
7. Eat dinner on the balcony
8. Finish the blog re-design
9. Organize and inventory all photo props
10. REALLY clean out my car
11. Make our own apple crisp
12. Hang art in the hallway
13. Get a card for Ian for no reason
14. Throw an awesome Halloween Party!
15. Have a scary movie night with Ian

I'm going to have so much fun crossing things off this list. You should make some goals of your own! They can be serious or just for fun. I try to do a mix of both so that I'm staying on track with my life, but still making time for myself! I also turn 25 this month so I know October is going to be a blast and so inspiring!

You can see a big list of all my Falltime Goals here!


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Nikkilooch said...

What a great job on your monthly goals! I love making lists but crossing things off are a little harder.

Here's to October!