Monday, October 29, 2012

Spook Party recap!

HALLOWEEN TIME! yay! Remember the party invites I created about a month ago? Well Ian and I threw an awesome Halloween party for my 25th birthday on Saturday night! My birthday isn't actually until Wednesday, but we celebrated on Saturday with all of our friends from out of town! I had so much fun hosting this party, decorating, deciding on the menu and just general preparing. SO much fun! Here's some shots from the night!

Before the party, Tori & I threw up some streamers around the apartment and the ones on this utility door became the backdrop for our costume photos!
Skeeter from The Help
My sister Anna as Barbie!!
A Lumberjack
Andy Dwyer from Parks & Recreation
Rosie the Riveter
Giorgio Tsoukalos
My hunky Indiana Jones
The Bride of Frankenstein
A Crazy cat lady and her cat!! (HA!)
Court and Steven put so much work and hilarious thought into those costumes.
Yours truly as the Tooth Fairy!

haha Phoebe found her own kind! Crazy cat lady and the cats cuddling together!

Overall it was a fantastic party. I had the best time and it was a great way to celebrate my birthday with all my friends! Maybe it will be an annual event? ;)


Courtney Burkett said...

It HAS to be an annual event!

Pink Ronnie said...

Oh, what awesome costumes these are!
Ronnie xo