Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY: Color Block Clipboards

Hello out there, friends! What's shakin'? Here's a nifty little project I did in less than an hour one night last week that's really brightened up my little studio! I got the inspiration from this tutorial and I decided to make it a little more neon! ha.

I already had one clipboard, so I bought another at Hobby Lobby for $1.20 with a 40% off coupon. The one I had at home... well... I wish I would have taken a "before" pic because it was atrocious. It was Ian's from when he was a kid and it had 80s black and gold reflective tape on it and an alien sticker-- TRUE! The one I bought was just plain kraft brown.
The one I bought from HL: all I did was tape it off with painter's tape, paint it, and let dry. It was already the kraft brown I wanted, so I didn't have to do anything else!

The 80s atrocity I already had: I knew that because of the material, paint wouldn't stick and peeling the reflective tape off wasn't an option because it was making the surface layers of the clipboard come off. So I decided to cover it with paper. I cut the kraft paper with an Exacto knife to fit it around the metal clip at the top and adhered it with some industrial double-sided tape I had. Then I cut the bottom teal portion to fit, taped it down, and then adhered the triangle.
I mounted them on the inside of my studio door with 3M picture hanging strips (the quasi-velcro kind), that way they can be removed and put back up!

So that's my quick (totally unoriginal but equally awesome) project that I made. I have another inspiration board too, but it's nice to have another space to clip pending project pieces or items waiting to go into my inspiration binders.

I just love a good neon color block!
<3 E *Note: I know these photos aren't great, but bloggers-- you know what it's like to be forced to photograph at night because you're at work in the day! First world problems...

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