Monday, September 3, 2012

September Goals

It's September ladies and gents. Which means-- FALLTIME! September always marks the start of autumn to me. Not to mention Starbucks has released their fall drink choices which is as clear cut of a sign as any. ;) Just stopping in for some goal action to enrich my life this month.

*haul out the fall decorations and put them up
*make cupcakes for my neighbors
*create at least one craft from my Pinterest
*Read 1 book
*Do something fun with Lacey
*send Happy Mail to a friend
*keep up with Project Life
*unpack the last few remaining moving boxes
*have Tori over to see our apartment
*go to the Indian Festival with Ian
*take more day-to-day photos
*start on handmade Christmas gifts
*have a real date with Ian

You might be wondering how I did on my summer goals. Wellll..... with the impromtu apartment move, I didn't get as much done as I wanted. But the point of goals is to give yourself something to work toward, not to beat yourself up if you don't complete them! :) Here's the final tally:

*Re-read the Harry Potter series. (started but never finished.)
*Host a little cookout with friends & family.
*Go to a Farmer's Market.
*Develop my photography brand.
*Take Riley (my sister-in-law) to Indiana Beach.
*Finish re-decorating patio. (we moved, so this one was out of my control)
*Get an ice shaver to make sno cones.
*Paint outside.
*Go to the State Fair.
*Participate in the reading program at the library.
*Take more cute pics of my Blythes.
*Eat salt water taffy.
*Experiment with camera remote for self-portraits.
*Have Shawna & Cory over for dinner.
*Do a full spa day with facial, bubble bath, & full pedicure.
*Start on fall knitting projects.
*Make a better effort to go jogging in the mornings.
*Start a new devotional.

So that's that. On to a new magical season with plenty to look forward to and do! I love setting goals. They're my favorite!


teacakemake said...

Good luck with achieving your goals for this month Elaine! I start Project Life this week and have set myself some goals to achieve for the next year... eek!

Kristy O said...

Nice list! Apparently I dont know where I've been and I've never heard of iced Pumpkin spice lattes..mind you pumpkin spice fraps have been my fav for several years now LOL