Saturday, September 1, 2012

Honeymoon Album Progress//FINISHED!

Well I did it! I FINALLY finished our honeymoon album after several bouts of progress! It feels good to finally have the album completed because I feel like I actually accomplished something! I love having a beautiful complete album to add to my collection of memories.

I'm too lazy today to spell out every product I used like in past posts, but the photos are still there for you to see! ;)

Mote Aquarium

For these pages, I used a segmented page protector much like the ones I use for Project Life. I had a lot of random pictures and little snippets of stuff, but they weren't really cohesive enough to do a 12x12 layout, so I popped one of these in and I think it accomplished the goal quite nicely!

Platform 9 3/4

A little tip: if you have a photo where the quality is iffy, but it's really the only one you have, print it in black & white or sepia. It hides the flaws of the photo while maintaining the memory. It creates a great flow having all the photos on one page with matching color tone and it doesn't distract from the embellishments and paper!


Not one of my favorite pages by ANY means, but I wanted to fill the layout with clashing patterns-- because that's Zonko's in a nutshell!

Wizarding School Spirit

I had a lot of fun with this one! I layered strips of paper, then rolled little pieces down with my fingers on each strip to create the dividing effect you see. It's something I saw in a magazine and thought it looked really neat, so I tried it. It would look REALLY cool with double-sided paper!


I needed a way to combine LOTS of photos I really loved on a 2-page spread, so the "grid" method was the way to go. I love that Harry Potter paper I used for the background. I paired it with the Make-a-Wish line from Creative Memories.

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

This one was ALL for the sake of documenting the "wand choosing" experience in Ollivander's Wand Shop. I wanted to remember everything about it and I love journaling pages.


YAY! So pretty! The Honeydukes logo diamond and the bubbles around the vertical image are plastic packaging from the candy floss I bought in the shoppe while I was there. I wanted to incorporate it, so I chopped it up. ;)

Memorabilia Pocket Page

Here's where all the extra papers, tickets, maps, and memorabilia from the trip will live. I plan to make a little card for Ian to record some of his memories from the trip on and slip it into the pocket as well. Overall, fun fun FUN album and the thing I love most about it is that it's done. :)

Stay tuned for a new Project Life post coming soon! I've done exceptionally poorly at keeping up with it, but I really truly feel that I'm in a place where I can commit to it now that we're all moved in!


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Megan Anderson said...

Love it! I can't wait until I can see Harry Potter goodness up close and personal.

Fun fact: I have a tattoo based on those Heidi Swapp Jellies in on the frist page up there :)