Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Bedroom Tour

As you might have guessed, the last few weeks have been largely devoted to decorating and organizing the new place. Probably my favorite room of the house right now is the bedroom (probably because it's the most done! lol). So the treat for you all today is a photo tour of how the bedroom looks thus far!

View from the doorway. I love the way those (HANDMADE!) chevron valances hit you when you peek around the corner. :)

The bed. Not much changed there. Art over the bed is painted by me.

Those tissue pom poms are handmade too. I thought they might be fun. I haven't had anything suspended from our bedroom ceiling since The Davis Suite.

Reassignment location for the Pennant Bunting. The pennants and the chevrons are becoming best friends.

Those little white shelves, gold owl, AND that rad letter D were all Goodwill finds.

This is the top view of my new "jewelry chest" area that houses my ring holder, trinket bowls, and newly handmade jewelry display board. (Tutorial to come!)

Here's another little book by our closet that's going to be getting some more attention soon. I want to hang some handmade art here and maybe put a little lingerie chest underneath. We'll see.

On a whim, we thought it would be charming to use the space under our huge window to put out some of our favorite records. That big one is a Harper's Bazaar print.

So there you have it, folks! I'm pretty thrilled with the way it has turned out. It seems more bright and spacious with comfort stirred right in. It's been a labor of love because some of those DIY projects took a lot of doin' ya know? I'll have another post to feature the jewelry display board and that whole vignette coming up soon. Also more room tours from the rest of the apartment!


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