Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Aspirations

I've been spending a lot of time with my little neighbor girl and I told her she should make a little list of things she wanted to accomplish this summer. I made mine back in May and I'm SLOWLY working on it. I know it's late in the season for me to be posting this, but I thought it would make a cute inspiring post for those of you who HAVEN'T made a summer goal list yet! Most of mine are fun things, but it can include anything you want, really!

*Re-read the Harry Potter series. (started)
*Host a little cookout with friends & family.
*Go to a Farmer's Market.
*Develop my photography brand.
*Take Riley (my sister-in-law) to Indiana Beach.
*Finish re-decorating patio.
*Get an ice shaver to make sno cones.
*Paint outside.
*Go to the State Fair.
*Participate in the reading program at the library. (done!)
*Take more cute pics of my Blythes.
*Eat salt water taffy.
*Experiment with camera remote for self-portraits. (done!)
*Have Shawna & Cory over for dinner.
*Do a full spa day with facial, bubble bath, & full pedicure.
*Start on fall knitting projects.
*Make a better effort to go jogging in the mornings.
*Start a new devotional.

I might add more to this list. Or I might not.
True Confessions Time: I add things to my list after I do them just so I can cross something off. GASP!
I haven't done it yet with this list, but I know I will before the summer's over. haha It's just that during the months I spent miserable and depressed at my old job, I wasted so much time not being motivated to do ANYTHING but eat and sleep. So now that I'm in a new season in my life, I feel that I don't want to waste a SINGLE minute NOT accomplishing things. :)

I would LOVE to see your goal lists for this season! Link me up!

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