Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature: Interview with Miss Lacey!

Today I have an extra special post! I'm interviewing my favorite little girl and next-door neighbor Lacey. She & I have been great friends for the past 7 months and I wanted everyone to meet her! She's SUCH a cool girl and she's going to be an awesome artist one day. Heck!-- she already is! So here's a little interview with Miss Lacey!

Name: Lacey Mya A.
Age: 10
Birthday: June 10
Favorite Color: purple

How did you meet Elaine? "I brought heart Valentine cookies over to her apartment."

What's your favorite thing to do when you hang out with Elaine? "I like helping her water her plants and watching movies with her. Plus I like to play with her cat Phoebe."

What do you do with Phoebe? "I crumple up receipts, throw them, and she chases them. I'm like her aunt!"

What are your favorite things to do when you're not at school? "Dress up my Chipmunk dolls, draw in my notebook, listen to my CDs!"

What's your favorite thing about summertime?! "I get to go swimming! I always just jump right in! I'm good at swimming."

What are your favorite animals? "Zebras and Giraffes."

What are your favorite books to read? "Dr. Suess books. I have Fox in Socks, Cat in the Hat, and Are you my Mother? My favorite is Fox in Socks."

What kind of media do you listen to and watch? "At my dad's work I listen to Michael Jackson and watch the videos. I also look up the lyrics. I like to watch kid movies and scary movies like Spongebob, Dispicable Me, and Gnomeo & Juliet. The music in Gnomeo & Juliet is by Elton John. It's so cute I just want to break the TV!"

Do you have any pets? "I have a pug named Steve, Jewel is my mouse, & I have 2 fish named Goldie and Rockstar. One of them looks like it has a mohawk!"

Do you have any special talents? "I'm good at Michael Jackson moves! I'm not kidding! I can even do the tippy-toes thing. And I can bird call. I can do a quail sound."

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A famous singer! I sing every day. I also might be an art teacher or cartoon artist."

What kind of art do you like to make? "Flowers & outdoor stuff. I draw mostly. It's my specialty."

How would you describe yourself to someone who didn't know you? "I'm smart, I'm cool, and I'm funny. I'm all of those."

Do you have any catch phrases? "I say 'Oh my gosh!' a lot. I also always talk to Steve. I use nicknames for him like Mister Mans."

What else do you think people should know about you? "How much I love animals. LOVE em! I can't even watch those commercials about abused animals. Makes me cry every time. I also think people should know how much I want to be an artist!"


Thanks for the interview, Lacey! Say hello to the newest up and coming crafter on the block!

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