Friday, June 8, 2012

Husband Attire

Lately I've been trying to create a lookbook of ideas for outfits for Ian. The kid needs some serious help. Especially when we're going out to dinner or going to Lafayette for a therapy appointment or something like that. I've been pinning a few potentials to create some realistic looks for him, because he's not too adventurous when it comes to fashion. He's more of a... jeans, chucks, and superhero shirt kind of guy. So I'm trying to find pictures of outfits he might ACTUALLY consider wearing. We all know he's not going to go prancing around in tighter slacks and Sperry's, although I would take it! HA!







What do you think? Those of you that actually KNOW Ian-- can you see him wearing any of these things. I don't know if I can sell him on the cardigan, but I might have a pretty good chance with the rest! As the summer goes on, maybe I'll do some Husband Attire Outfit posts. That would be SO much fun and he's a cute guy! ;)



Tori said...

You know, I bought Ben a pair of dark gray corduroys for Christmas and have YET to see him wear them. And now it's obviously too hot for cords, hmm...I give up.
I tell you, when we move in together, his wardrobe is getting a major overhaul. I get it - you need work clothes. Okay. But wear them to WORK! Amen.
Also, he hates Chucks. I think this is weird. But he does have a gray cardigan I got him a few years ago and has actually worn it on occasion. The kid has some nice clothes, but refuses to wear them. I think what the guy in the red chucks is wearing is perfectly acceptable. And he's cute :)

Charlie said...

I love this post! I am showing it to my husband tonight! Thank you for pulling all the inspiration pics together.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I envy you if you can change or slightly update your hubby's choice of clothing. My fiance refuses to change the way he dresses or add anything "different"...he wears cargo shorts, flip flops, chucks, jeans, and t-shirts. That's it. I would love if he would man up and wear a man-cardigan. They are so darn cute. He actually wore a SLEEVELESS shirt to a birthday gathering at my parents house. Sleeveless.

I hope you have some luck with the husband attire. I love all the items you posted.

Following you now too! PS - thanks for the comments. You're right too...I just needed a bow in my hair and I could've gone as snow white :)