Friday, June 8, 2012

Satchel Stories

 It's been awhile since I did one of these fun little posts so I thought I'd do one. I love getting a glimpse into what I was carrying at any point in time because it shows what I was into, what my priorities were, and what I had going on in my life. :)

 The bag I'm carrying right now is a mustard studded weekender I got at Charming Charlie and I LOVE it! SO roomy, and there's 2 separate sections so I can separate books & journals from myregular purse stuff. lol

*my wallet (Claire's)
*planner (Target)
*nail file & case-- SO handy so it doesn't scratch up my sunglasses!
*oversize sunglasses (Target)
*disposable camera
*mini pack of tissues
*iPod Touch
*cell phone
*Bite stick-- I get so so so many bites in the summer. I must have the sweet blood. lol
*Trident Gum Original
*Sparkle Clip from my shop
*my favorite pens
*pen light
*"chill pills" for OCD
*Nivea Kiss of Berry Swirl
*Bath & Body Works Honey Apple Balm
*Rimmel Berry Rose
*C.O. Bigelow Bubblemint Gloss)
*Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (Citrus)
*Bath & Body Works Look Ma, New Hands cream
*NYC MoMa nail polish
*my photography business cards
*keys-- with awesome Harry Potter key chains I might add! 

To be fair, I also have whatever book I'm reading at the time too which isn't pictured. But yeah! Hope you enjoyed that! Oh-- and how cute is my little fur baby in that picture? TOO cute, that's what. :)


Megan said...

I really like the skele-grow keychain!

Charlie said...

Your bag is so cute! I have a big soft spot for anything yellow :) and your kitty is just precious!

Elaine said...

Charlie- thanks for the sweet comments about my kitty! I love her SO MUCH! Plus-- that bag is incredibly nice because its so roomy! I loooooove yellow too. <3

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

What a good idea to keep a bite stick in your bag...I should find something like that. It's awful here in Florida. I get bit up in seconds! And that Nail file case!! What a great idea...I need one of those too!

Are your "chill pills" prescription or OTC? I used to take prescription anxiety pills but I couldn't afford them...I'd love to know if you found some that work and are over the counter!

Charming Charlie is great for accessories!