Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Life Week 1

I know my weeks are off from everyone else's because I'm starting late! Well everyone else will run on their schedule and I guess I will run on mine. :)

ANYWAY-- I FINALLY was able to start/finish a layout for last week. (Not this past week, but the week before that.) It has been really hard for me to actually get going on this project and I've concluded that its because I don't take enough day to day pictures. I work. A LOT. and I don't tote my SLR camera to work everyday, therefore I end up with a mish mash of Instagram photos. Mostly "still lifes" and hardly any self portraits. But overall, I think the first try at it turned out pretty well!

I used a few of the journaling cards from the Clementine Core Kit, Basic Grey paper, 7 Gypsies ephemera tag, washi tape, Love, ELsie rubber charm, and a few other odds and ends. I included some photos from the week, a picture of the book I was reading and a little note Ian left on my car one day at work.

I did enjoy working on this and all week this week I've been thinking about what I could include for the next layout! I'm sure I'll get more creative as I go along and I'm excited to see where this goes.

Leave me some feedback!!! haha


Megan Anderson said...

Awesome! I love all the close up photos.

Megan said...

Looks beautiful!

Cherie Lenore said...

You are so incredibly talented! You just see the world a good way!! Thanks for sharing!