Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY: Kitchen Backsplash

Since our move was temporarily put on hold, I have gotten a little restless with our apartment. I want change. I want more rooms. I want more storage space. I want changes in decoration. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some seriously apartment-changing projects. The first one I tackled was a DIY backsplash in our kitchen. I couldn't find a good "before" shot-- THAT'S how lame it was. I didn't even bother to photograph it before! Here's the only photo I have on hand of what the kitchen looked like without the backsplash, and it's from the first day we moved in! It's also a cell phone photo. :/

And after! Basically, I bought a piece of foam core board and cut it down to 2 strips that fit snug on my backsplash. Then I covered them in fabric (after ironing it) and hot glued it to the back. I'm classy like that. I added coordinating mod ribbon for effect. Then I just nestled them into the wall so they are snug between the cabinets and the countertop. No adhesive needed!

There was some debate that the foam might curl up or we might ruin the fabric from accidentally splashing dirty dishwater on it, but so far neither has happened. We've had the backsplash up for over a month now too. I love the pop of color you can see coming in my front door, and it temporarily curbed my appetite for change. This project cost me less than $10. Totally worth it!

Lately it has seemed like DIY has thrown up all over our house. But that's how we roll!

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larissa said...

cute! so practical, too! sometimes, just a teeny tiny little change can fix that restless problem. when i first saw the picture, i couldn't tell that it was fabric. i thought it was like huge tile or something =] good job!