Sunday, December 11, 2011

pink & green Christmas

Got about half of the Christmas gifts wrapped the other day since Ian and I had the day off together. LOVED wrapping presents, drinking cocoa, and spending time together!

This year, Ian and I chose some pretty pink paper with candies on it from Target and have paired it on gifts with Kraft wrap and vintage tinsel. :) The boy gifts are getting Kraft wrap, green brocade, and teal yarn. Oh-- and the toadstool stamp. :) Can't wait to get more boxes to finish wrapping the remainder of the presents!

I love this season.


larissa said...

cute! love your tree =] i'm hoping to buy one like that after christmas when they're all discounted and stuff. wrapping presents is my absolute favorite. i got all sorts of crafty with mine this year because obviously if they have to sit under the tree for a while, then they have to be pretty to look at. Merry Christmas!

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

aww i love your tree laney jane!! very very pretty and its sooooooo you!! i cant wait until Christmas!! i get to see you :) love you and miss you bunches!!
<3 Ann

Elisha Lynn said...

I adore that blue ornament with the deer! Is that a vintage find?