Monday, September 12, 2011

Anderson Pow Wow

We hit up the Indian Pow Wow Festival in our town this past Saturday. It was SO cool! Tori and I were really hoping there would be lots of handmade booths and BOY, did they deliver! We saw tons of beautiful things including jewelry, buckets of pretty geodes, and native dresses! We wanted to buy everything in sight! But we sure did get a lot of cute ideas for future projects!

The festival also had live music, demonstrations, and people in native dress! The teepees were my favorite though. SO cool!

Tori and I barely have any good pictures together, so we take any chance we can get to slip in a photo. haha

I love the fall because there are all sorts of rummage sales, flea markets, farmers' markets, and festivals! :)

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Mariana said...

Ohhh! :O awesome!

So lucky!