Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picnic Kit for the Newlyweds

As you know, I've been posting about Allie's Wedding a lot lately (Sorry about that, but it was BEAUTIFUL!). And as you know, we're really good friends but live in different states. Therefore, I knew when I got the invitation to her bridal shower, that I wouldn't be able to make it. BUT! I still gave her the shower gift I made for her at her rehearsal. I worked really hard on this gift and I was super proud of it! I scoured thrift stores for a nice vintage picnic basket, and when I found one, my plan went into action.

One of my FAVORITE gifts I got as a wedding gift was a picnic kit from my mom and dad: vintage picnic basket, plastic plates, and my mom made me a beautiful quilt for a picnic blanket. :) I decided to do the same sort of thing for these pretty people.

I adhered some cute thick ribbon around the rim of the basket and then some coordinating tule underneath. Then I painted the top of the picnic basket by hand with their last name and flowers that match the ribbon. To seal the paint, I sprayed the top with an art sealing spray from a craft store. I then filled it with pretty floral dishes, a picnic cloth, and some flowers.

I think she really liked it! She seemed surprised and I hope they get some use out of it this fall! Maybe they'll go for a picnic at the Kingwood Center! I just love DIY gifts. :)


Alexandra Rae said...

It's PROBABLY one of my favorite gifts ever <3 I love it, and I love YOU!!

Emily Mae said...

This is seriously one of the cutest and most awesome things I've seen in awhile. Bookmarking! :D