Friday, August 19, 2011


Working... hard at my new job. Trying to learn everything from the ground up.

Listening... to Parachute and Chris Meritt. *fall music*

Loving... going to Target and buying greeting cards just because I like the designs.

Planning... some pretty home decor projects for fall. Can't wait to re-vamp my home!

Enjoying... going through all my artwork and memorabilia from my childhood. Trying to sort and organize!

Channeling... my inner Elise Blaha-Cripe lately while completing real projects.

Starting... to buy supplies for my handmade Christmas gifts. Eeeek!

Eating... Rice Krispie Treats and Sour Punch Bites... but not together

Hoping... to get this huge amount of editing done soon!

Needing... to get my honeymoon album done so I can start my wedding album.

Missing... time with Ian. We've had opposite schedules for the past 3 weeks.

Looking... for pretty blog ideas for all you pretty people.

Creating... sketches for super secret ideas. :)

What are you doing?

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