Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life // Wednesday

Woke up at 11:00. I know-- seriously! I was tired from staying up until 4 the night before. Checked emails and Google Reader on the couch. Cap'n Crunch for breakfast. Made a cleaning list for the boy and I. Started deep cleaning the house even though it was a million degrees. Ian did dishes and folded some laundry. I swept, dusted, and generally put things away. Talked to my mom on the phone for a bit. Resisted the urge to take a nap even though I had only been awake for a few hours. Got dressed. Ran some errands in town: took back movie rentals, stopped by Ian's parents to feed the pets since we're house-sitting, paid the car insurance. Left for Indianapolis to pick up a wedding gift for Allie. Grabbed some Burger King on the way. While we were in Indy, stopped off at the mall and went into Anthro. About died over all the wonderful things in there. Made a quick stop at Michael's to spend a gift card and grab some supplies for a home decor project. Got home and started a painting while Ian made pasta for dinner. Watched Finding Neverland and The Rocker. (silly) Turned in early at about 1.


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Elliemae Ink {Cherie} said...

Love knowing I'm not the only crazy person that stays up that late. I pulled a 3:30 am the other night. I have a five yr old and had to get up the next morning when he did. I did pretty good on 5 hours of sleep.
The painting looks fun.
You must show when you finish!!