Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Handmade by Mom: Fashion Edition

I'm here sharing a fashion post tonight! This is a super special one too because my mom made me this gorgeous tunic inspired by this gorgeous piece by Elise Blaha. I saw the dress back when she first posted it and knew that I wanted to recreate it with my own twist somehow. While I'm fairly adequate at sewing my own clothes, my Mom has been sewing for 40 years and is MUCH faster. haha She whipped out this stunning tunic for me in about 3 hours.

tunic: handmade by my Mom
cami: Wal-Mart
leggings: Target
wedges: Target
belt: Target
headband: Claire's
handbag: Forever 21
leather bracelets: Target
Thanks Mom for making me such a wonderfully gorgeous tunic. I can't wait for the second one you're making me on Wednesday. :) You're the best mom a girl could ever have: making me pretty things to wear and all. :)

Here's a new fashion mood board for the end of summer too:

Right now I'm loving navajo inspired patterns and textures, earthy tones, and ultra girly pieces! What pretties are taking over your summer wardrobe lately? I know you've got obsessions: spill it. :)



Megan said...

That was really nice of your mom! I like your headband a lot too! This summer I'm really into floral prints, skirts, and jean vests.

larissa said...

that is amazing. i want to try, now! i've always wanted to make my own clothes.

missoceanjewel said...

Hi Elaine, I'm just wondering, is it too late to sign up for Paper Popsicles?

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

hey laney!! this outfit is really cute when you have all your belts, shoes, leggings, and all that jazz, CUTE!!

love you!!

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