Friday, July 22, 2011


Starting today I have 9 days off of work. Which couldn't have come at a more perfect time because there have been some (*hem hem*) blow ups issues with my job lately. So I have 9 days payed vacation comin' MY way.

What shall I DO with my vacation!?

Everyone write something for me to do (REASONABLY) on my vacation this week in the comments. I'm going to randomly choose a comment and whatever it says, I'm going to try to do that activity this week! It has to be something that I can realistically accomplish and doesn't cost a huge amount of money. Just something fun and creative to do on my vacation!

Here are some things that I plan to do already:

*make frequent trips to Starbucks
*go home to see my familia
*do many crafty things
*finish my book
*go to the pool
*blog about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
*a few photo sessions for clients
*try and find a pretty ttv application or template online
*drive to Indy to get a special wedding gift for a certain someone
*let my hair be curly
*try and relax

So give me somethign fun to do! Give me a special adventure!
Ready? Go!


larissa said...

cutest hair ever!!! sorry about your job being sucky =[ but at least 9 days of paid vaca will rock your socks off.

Anonymous said...

geocaching is so fun! I did it once and plan on doing it more this summer!

Emily Mae said...

Go to the zoo! I had a super fun date day with my boy at the zoo awhile back. It's so much fun. :D

gilmoregirl1945 said...

I suggest a date with yourself: thrifting, your favorite carry-out, whatever YOU want to do! Enjoy it to the fullest!

Nicole Coffin. said...

I love your hair curly. It's SO pretty!! I think you should paint a picture this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute hair! What about going bowling? Or to a pool/lake/some body of water for reading or napping?

Heather Lynn Peterson said...

You're hair is just plain adorable!

For some fun on your vacation I suggest planting an herb garden or putt putt golf!

miss teacups. said...

oh my goodness, you need to wear your hair like this ALWAYS elaine. it looks SO SO SOOOOO pretty!!!