Friday, June 24, 2011


I wish I were back here:

I took that on my honeymoon. Somehow, I don't think I would have a day like THIS in paradise:

I went to leave for my dance recital dress rehearsal, and my car wouldn't start.
I finally got it started but I knew I would be late for dress rehearsal.
So I called my instructor and told her I would be late, but that I would be there as soon as I could.
I got halfway there and my gas light comes on. GO FIGURE.
I did NOT want to stop for gas because I was wearing my scandalous and ridiculous dance costume.
When I went to prepay for my fuel, I realized I only had the money from Ian's mom to buy their recital tickets plus $5.00.
So I got a WHOLE $5.00 of gasoline, which was stupid on top of the fact that I was in that costume.
I pumped my gas and then.... realized I locked my keys in my car. TRUE STORY.
So by this point, I start crying from frustration and humiliation.
A lady let me borrow her phone and I finally got a hold of a Wrecking service with lock entry.
1/2 hour later, they came to unlock my car while the whole time I've been standing by my car in this outfit looking like a hooker.
Then I realized I had to pay the guy with the money for my mother-in-law's recital tickets.
I drive to town where my recital was and find out that I can't even GET to the auditorium because there's so much construction.
There wasn't even a detour sign.
So I had to drive ALL THE WAY across town just to get around the construction which was RIGHT by the auditorium.
I find out that I can't park for free near the auditorium so I drive to the nearest parking garage (not that near).
There were NO SPACES available until I got to the VERY top floor of the garage (which has no elevator).
I walk all the way to the auditorium, across campus, in my ridiculous prostitute worthy costume and I'm pretty out of breath.
I finally reach the entrance (an HOUR late to my dress rehearsal) and there's a sign that says to enter through the eat entrance.
I finally get into the rehearsal and am throwing on the accessories to my costume AS I'm walking on stage for us to perform.

This was my day. And it continued on like that.
But luckily I have the best husband ever would made a delicious dinner and still loves me even when I cry and wear my sweatpants. :)



Megan said...

awwww that IS the worst day I have heard about in a long time! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!
but makes for a great story! :)


Anonymous said...

I would have been in tears too.. Bless your heart. after locking myself out of my car and being rerouted around the construction walking in your "hooker" outfit (which I hope you held your head proud and did some hip swings just to turn some heads!!;) I think I would have just cried when I had to walk all the way back to where I just came from to get into the auditorium. One day you will laugh about this until then ...glad you shared hope you feel a bit better now.

astr!d said...

awwww, how crappy!!! but at least your man is there for you. love that!