Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm loving the weather today! SO warm and I have all the doors and windows open! Plus someone down the way is mowing and I'm loving the sounds and sights and smells that are coming with this warm weather! To celebrate, I'm making a packing list for my honeymoon which is coming up in 2 weeks! Eeeeek! At the time that we got married, we were also trying to graduate college, so a honeymoon was out of the question. But now that we have time and a little money, we're heading to Anna Maria Island off the coast of Tampa, FL. I'm also shooting a wedding on the island while we're there, so it's going to be 2-in-1. haha

Here are some pretty things I want for my honeymoon! I'd probably buy them all if I had a million dollars!

1. Beautiful printed suitcase
2. Vintage style swimsuit
3. Plenty of good reads for my Kindle
4. Exotic Ikat Sarong
5. Charming vintage sunglasses

the list could go on and on, I tell you! Too many cute things for an eager honeymooner!

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