Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ink Blots Top 10

I decided to do another little post about Ink Blots, my new online class! Mainly I'm writing this post because I've gotten emails and requests from people wondering more about the class. They want more details, more excitement, and more of an inside scoop into what the workshop will have in store. They want to know EXACTLY why this class is AMAZING. I will tell you.

1. It's cheap! It really is! You can't beat $12.00. That's $4.00 a week and about $.53 per day! <3
2. Meeting new friends. I've ALREADY subscribed to 4 or 5 new blogs just by seeing the girls taking the class and I'm THRILLED at the awesome inspiration I have found!
3. 2 posts a day! Most online classes only do 1 post per day with a few extras thrown in. Ink Blots will have at least 2 posts per day packed full of inspiration and awesome prompts to think about.
4. Students inspire curriculum. I have left a few days blank toward the end of the 3 weeks, that way I can feed your interests! There will also be request posts and Q&A posts where you can suggest topics you would like to see!
5. Inspiration for other parts of your life. The raw inspiration found in Ink Blots will fuel your creative fire for other parts of your life! It can be helpful for etsy shop development, ideas for gifts, and just other projects in general.
6. Bonus Material! I won't give away the farm, but there are TONS of little bonus material items I have planned throughout the class including extra tutorials, free downloads, and other surprises. :)
7. Giveaways! There are also going to be multiple giveaways during the class for some special prizes! You will love them!
8. Developing personal style. You will have guidance on creating your own personal drawing style and channeling it to make your journal your new creative home!
9. Crafts! There are also journal-related craft project tutorials throughout the 3 weeks as well!
10. It will change you creative life! This is the most important feature: this class will help you get into the routine of CONSTANTLY keeping yourself inspired and doing something creative every day. It will help you take baby steps from being a craft-lover to an artist.

Even Baby Phoebe wants to take the workshop!

You can purchase your spot in this unforgettable online workshop here or in the sidebar on my blog:

I am LOVING that so many people have signed up because I'm getting SO much more inspired now that I know so many pretty girls are going to be playing along! This is one of the most inspired times I've had in such a long time! Come play with us!


Rachel - Firebird said...

I'm really intrigued. Because of the frequency of posts in the class is it suitable for international student?

larissa said...

I am so excited!!!

You should make a button out of the ink blots things so I can put it on my blog!

cuppy said...

I am really looking forward to it !! Will we be getting an email with further information about where the blog is you'll be using?

xxoo cuppy

Pot Luck Designs said...

Hey Elaine:

I got my invitation to join the blog (Ink Blots) left some info about myself on there but now it says my invitation is no longer valid?? Could you please send me an invitation again to join ink blots? Can you send it to
Thanks so much!

Debbie Henriksen

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

yeah for phoebe!! i love that cat, but i love you the most!! i miss you and love you bunches!! wishing to come and see you!!


SewTara said...

I had a cat that looked just like yours!
Funny thing is her name was Freebie and when I told people they always thought I was saying "Phoebe".
True story.

Rebekah said...

I just signed up! :)

Teddi said...

ok i was one of those people that filled out your survey saying sell it to me. well with this post you did. i also spent the time looking at your journals past. <3