Sunday, March 13, 2011

reshaped intensity

I wanted to share a new project I made recently that I'm particularly proud of. I came up with this design for a chevron stripe necklace and within a matter of minutes, it materialized!

I just sketched this out and made it completely from materials I had in my craft supplies! I didn't buy a thing and came out with an amazing statement necklace that looks adorable with any basic outfit!

I was thinking about putting a few in my etsy shop. Thoughts?

Also, I thought I would throw a cute outfit your way too!

shirt: Wal-Mart
trouser shorts: Target
leggings: Target
cardigan: Old Navy
eternity scarf: Icing
wedges: Target
bracelets: Claire's
skull hair clip: Claire's

I loved this outfit because those wedges made me feel like a vixen! Let's just say I stopped traffic today. :)


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