Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outfit Overhaul//Day 2

Soooo I got really excited about Day Two of Outfit Overhaul! I got up early and took these photos and then the day got crazy and couldn't post them until now. Argh. Also, because it's still super warm outside and I only had a 4 hour work shift today, I wore some shoes I hardly EVER get to wear. So here you have Day Two:

lace shirt: thrifted
cardigan: Old Navy
trouser shorts: Target
leggings: Target
socks: Target
T strap pumps: Target
choker: Claire's
rosary pendant: Claire's
ring: Claire's
flower: craft supplies. lol

I decided to go with the trouser shorts again today because nothing really seemed to work with the shirt. I think the lace shirt is one of my favorite thrift finds ever! It was such a bargain! $3! One trend that i LOOOOOOVE is socks with pumps. I'ver been doing it for years and people used to make fun of me for it and now it's in fashion! I guess I was just ahead of my time. ;)

I also tried something new to my hair today. You like?

Upon scouring the internet last night for outfit inspiration, I came across this concept on Dimestore Diamond that's called 30 for 30. The idea is that you take 30 items from your wardrobe and wear ONLY those things for 30 days. I think it's an awesome idea, because it teaches you to appreciate the items you have and stop you from doing shopping that you don't need to do. You have to get creative wearing each piece different ways. Here's her last go-round with her 30 for 20 Winter Edition. You should check it out and get inspired to do some serious remixing!

Until tomorrow!

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miss teacups. said...

you look totally adorable in this outfit. i love it!