Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfit Overhaul//Day 3

I don't have a lot of fun shots to show you today because my photographer was running late for work, but here's Day 3:

shirt: Target
dress: Old Navy
cami: Wal-Mart
leggings: Target
combat boots: Claire's
bangles: thrifted and Claire's
ring: Claire's
turban headband: Claire's
glasses: eBay
snakeskin bag: Claire's

A LOT of my outfit came from Claire's today! haha I guess that's what you get when you work there. Speaking of work, the reason I'm wearing this particular outfit today is because it's Military Glam weekend at work. Each weekend we have fashion themes we have to wear to promote products. Our trend merchandise right now is called "New Uniformity" and it's all military inpspired! I love a lot of the jewelry pieces because they're very Steampunk in feeling. I love the rough and tough look sometimes. So if you stop by Claire's tonight, that's what I'll be wearing for Military Glam weekend!


1 comment:

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

very interesting outfits Miss Laney Jane. but i think this one is my favorite. and I LOVE your hair style. yes yes!!
love you and miss you bunches!!