Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outfit Overhaul//Day 1

Tori and I decided to do a little closet cleanout this week and try some new things fashion-wise that we've been meaning to do. We both LOVE clothes, and after our Valentine's Day shopping trip to Forever 21 and H&M, we got some new ideas that sparked excitement about a new blog project! This week we're both going to be posting pics of our outfits! It's going to be a great inspiration on how to put together existing pieces from your closet and remixing them to make pretty new spring attire! So here's Day 1!

shirt: Target
sweater: thrifted
belt: thrifted
trouser shorts: Target
leggings: Target
knee-highs: Claire's
ankle boots: Payless Shoes
glasses: eBay
rosary pendant: Claire's
cuff bracelet: Claire's
ring: Claire's
satchel bag: Forever 21

I decided to rock the grandpa sweater look with a thrifted thick sweater I got at Goodwill for half price. I love the rust color and thought it would make a great cold weather spring piece. This outfit was based on a fashion sketch I did over the weekend. (I will upload it as soon as possible!) I can't wait to see what Tori comes up with today! So go check hers out too!


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