Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Card Box DIY

I am getting married in 11 days.
Can you believe it!? I have so much to do in those 11 days, but I'm enjoying all of the last minute details that need to be done. Those are my favorites. :) Here is a wedding project I accomplished the other night after a long day of editing: the card box for my reception!

We weren't sure what we were going to use for a card box... I wanted something cute and quirky, not the same ole "card cage" that they use at every wedding. So one day this fall my mom found this card box that's shaped like a treasure chest at a garage sale! It was obviously from someone else's wedding and we thought it would be a cute makeover craft project.

So this is what it looked like BEFORE:

typical wedding frilly, white generic flowers with pearl trim hot glued on the box. ZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZ

And this is what it looks like AFTER:

I tore off all of the old embellishments and completely started over. I knew I was going to stick some of my centerpiece flowers on there, but it didn't really look like enough so I PAINTED some on first and I LOVE the effect! I just enlarged an image of my flower stamp from the RSVP cards, traced it on to tracing paper and traced it on to the chest. Then I went over it with paint, and accented it with permanent marker. Then I stuck all the flowers on.

I used some of the gem swirls that were on it before and tied them into the flower cluster for a little pizazz! The trim around the opening of the chest is some of the ribbon going around our bouquets and some striped japanese washi tape from my stash!

This project cost me about $2 for the cost of the chest itself. I had all of the supplies already and it was A LOT of fun to do! I think it's cute, quirky, and magical. :) I hope my photographer gets a good shot of it at the reception! :)

ALso... I got a little carried away with the gems:

I thought a gem stone mustache would be perfection. I was right.

BYYYYYY the way! Go check out Creature Comforts Blog from yesterday! My pom pom wreath was featured on their "Inspiration Daily" segment! *so flattered!*

Ok... off to do something productive before work!


larissa said...

1. I love that card box! It is so unique and it looks like it cost waaaay more than $2. Plus, you can probably find some cute use for it after your wedding because it isn't all boring-wedding-pearly-zZZZzzz. So, good job!

2. Congratulations!!! I hope you get everything done that needs to be done and I hope you have the time of your life =] I cannot wait to see more pictures.

janel. said...

Eeeeeek!!! It's getting so close and I am so excited for you!!! All of your wedding DIY's have been just amazing my friend!! love you and I am soooo excited for you and Ian :)

Kanya said...

Your chest is so pretty! so much better than before

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

elaine, its 11 days!! my my my. i am nervous are you?? you are gonna be Mrs. DAVIS!! yeah!! i love you!! and love the box. very pretty!!


zooeylovesbugs said...

Ooooh the big day grows ever nearer! How wonderful! You'll get everything done and it will be amazing and cute and I am looking foreward to seeing pictures and being utterly inspired by what you have created for your big days. A big congratulations from me.