Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 days to go

until she changes her name.

until he starts wearing a ring.

She has been making wedding crafts for 2 weeks straight.

He continues to make her happy through her frustration.

She is ready to finally stamp, cut, and print for pleasure.

He watches her stamp, cut, and print... and cooks her dinner.

She has eaten too much caramel corn out of stress.

He hasn't show any signs of distress, which is a good thing for her.

She has packed her cute vintage train case with wedding essentials.

He thinks he knows what her gown looks like, but she knows he has no idea.

She can't wait to dance the night away and he just wants to be the Mr. to a Mrs.

5 more days....

until he & she are Mr. and Mrs. Davis.


larissa said...

This is adorable =]

jeremy said...

soooooo exciting. i cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about the big day. i'm sure it will be beautiful.


angela said...

final excited for you!