Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mini Loves

My best friend Tori gave me the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER today! I went to her house to pick her up for our Saturday shopping trip and she handed me this GORGEOUS kitschy wrapped gift and I about died:

She wrapped it in newspaper, used a handmade screen print of this print to accent it, then strung some handmade pom poms all around. She knows how much I love handmade gifts and I about FREAKED out when I saw this. She's taking a screen printing class and thought this print would be cool to distress and use as a printing project. I agree!!!

So I opened it and this is what was inside:

Hasbro just came out with this ADORABLE sets called Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop and they are the cutest things ever. The doll is a TEENY tiny little Blythe doll and she comes with a matching pet!

I didn't know about them until she gave me one, and now I want to collect all of them! It's 2 of my favorite playthings put together as one. Love so much.

So that was a pretty cute present I got from a pretty cute girl. :) Thanks Tori dear. :)


amy lapi said...

greatest gift wrap i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

wow. what a perfect present in the perfect wrapping!!! :)))

Roo said...

That wrapping paper is magnificent. I love pom poms