Monday, August 16, 2010

The Great Blog Home Tour

I decided to do Janel's home tour, but since I only live in one room right now, it's only going to be one day of pictures. haha I know most of you already have seen the Davis Suite on other posts, but i do have a few new things to share! So here's the overview of my "home" haha:

It's a very tropical designed room! I love the color palette and the accessories we have purchased to make this room something magical to live in. I have my owl collection displayed in different places around the room and I love what the vintage pieces add to my decor!

Recently, I made a little message center for Ian and I by the door to the room. This is complete with a place to put our keys, a large wall calendar, change jar for snacks at work, and a bin for outgoing mail and errands.

That little chart you see that says "Home Front" is our savings chart. We've turned saving money into a game and every time we collect $200, we get to fill in a bar. haha

Since I work in fashion every day, I keep a lot of my accessories and favorite fashion pieces on display!

I love our room! I can't wait to get an actual apartment or house so that I can design every room, but for now, this will do. :) You can see the rest of my DIY room-redecoration project here!

Great idea, Janel! If you're playing along out there, link me up! I'd love to see your homes!


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your home is perfection.. i love it to pieces:)