Sunday, August 15, 2010

a Tasty Giveaway!

"An apple a day keeps the Dr. away!"

For back to school time, I'm doing a fantastically tasty giveaway! The winner of this giveaway will win something very special! This is a new product that will soon be in my etsy shop that I came up with recently. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate an apple design in my knitting in a very old school "apple for your teacher" way, and I decided to try making a cozy! This adorable little apple coffee cozy would be PERFECT for your fall time Caramel Apple Spice or hot chocolate!

After I had drawn the design for this in my sketchbook, ELsie posted a picture of the apple cozies from Twinkie Chan, so check those out too! Great minds think alike!

I will be giving away ONE apple coffee cozy in green or red (your choice) made by me! The winner will come from the comments of this post of course! I don't always require you to faithfully read my blog to enter a giveaway, but this is a little appreciation giveaway for my followers. Loooove you! So to enter this contest:

1. Comment on this post telling me a topic you would love to see me blog about. OR tell me something you would love to see in my etsy shop.

2. Tell me how you FOLLOW me regularly. (ie: Google Reader, blogger follower, etc.)

3. Sign your name and email address with your entry!

4. Tweet this giveaway for an extra entry! Comment separately and link me to the tweet! I want to follow you on twitter too! haha

I'm using this adorable giveaway to gather ideas for my blog arsenal. I'm planning a big blog reboot for fall and I want fresh, new, desirable ideas to expand upon! This giveaway will end this Friday August 20th at 12:00 NOON EST. I'm so excited to hear all of your ideas so get those comments in and cross your fingers!

In the next few days I have several things coming up for you: home decor, inspiration, fashion, life, photography, and more!
Happy commenting!!!


Vanessa said...

Thats the cuuuutest!!! I follow you on google reader (under my "friends" tab ;) and on twitter!


vmdelisio (@) yahoo (.) com

carly. said...

i would love to see more wedding details...what you're planning, if you have your dress, what the decor is going to be like, where are you having it...etc etc. i love wedding blogs so of course i would love to see more stuff about your upcoming nuptuals!

i'm definitely a follower of your blog and la la la love it!! this apple cozy is so cute and i am going back to school for the first time in about 4 years this year so that little cozy would be muchly appreciated and used for my daily teas!!

Anonymous said...

Personally I am a fan of the aged and yellowing paper... "vintage" papers as some say. If you created some crafts with old school papers that would be amazing! (mini books?)

I follow your blog through the "my favorites" tab... not sure if there's a more technical term for that little dude. And your little cozy is super adorable. I know it will motivate me to drink tons more warm and steamy drinks. mmmmmmm :)

cjenkins_ @ hotmail . com

p.s. thanks for the opportunity to win one of your lovely creations! :)

Megan said...

I would love to see more of your sketchbook....I just adore all of your doodles!!!
I follow your blog on my top sites page on my Macbook!


Chelseabird said...

What a cute giveaway!

I would LOVE to see lots of inspirational posts for fall i.e. tutorials, wardrobe photos, recipes perhaps!

Also, I follow via google reader!

<3 Chelseabird

Tiffany said...

I love seeing all your crafty ideas. I love all the accessories you make, love your photography!!! I follow you through blogger.

The Daily Fashionista said...

I follow via google reader. I'd say something you can post about are maybe any diys you are planning on doing for your wedding, if any, or just little updates on your wedding ideas.

emily14680 [at] yahoo dot com

Ashley said...

I follow you on here... well... I have your page bookmarked in my bookmark bar! :] I would love to hear more wedding details - so exciting! Plus, I love how creative your sketchbook/journal posts are! You're such a cute artist!
The apple cozy is adorable! :] I love hot drinks (chocolate, tea, coffee, chai, you name it!) and the cozy is a perfect idea!


Ashley said...

Here is my tweet about your super cute giveaway/blog!

I hope that suffices as a link, I'm not sure how else to do it. Hahaha.


Chelseabird said...

I tweeted!


livelaughlove said...

I would love to see some tutorials in the future!

I follow you via bookmark tab! I amm always checking to see if you have posted anything new.

pRiNcEsS aNnA said...

this is cute laney, love it. i am glad you finished it. :) hooray!!
love you!!